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This site is a collection of articles, videos and photos that we believe are of interest to Information Technology (IT) executives, managers and IT professionals.

The content includes articles published by Michael-Delia Inc. management and senior staff, as well as articles, videos, and snippets of information made available by journalists, researchers and others in various professions and disciplines.

BloggingCommunicatingWe live in a world where specialty and focus are demanded of us.  But there is also merit in expanding our knowledge of areas outside of our expertise.  Hence, our intention is to include a range of subjects that will stimulate our interest and add value to the IT profession.

Lastly, we’ve included humor.  Humor helps us maintain a perspective, relieve stress and release endorphins, which are critical to our well-being.

About Michael-Delia Inc.

MDI is a management consulting firm focused on helping IT organizations optimize their performance and productivity.  Utilizing Performa-Analytics™, a proprietary software diagnostic tool, MDI services confirm organizational performance strengths and uncovers issues undermining and jeopardizing performance.  Insights and guidance provided allow IT management and staff to leverage performance strengths and effectively address performance shortfalls and weaknesses.

Our website, Michael-Delia.com, has more information on our products and related services.


orchestraTo achieve outstanding performance, sports teams and symphony orchestras use extensive and exhaustive practice sessions to master their performances.

However, IT organizations do not have the luxury of practice sessions.  They are expected to always perform optimally.

Performa-Analytics™  helps mitigate the absence of practice sessions.  The system helps management and staff to uncover performance shortfalls and use fresh insights to optimize effectiveness.

Team practiceComments from IT executives as they’ve worked with MDI and Performa-Analytics™:

“I saw things that were hindering our effectiveness that I was never aware of.”  CIO, Financial Services Industry

“We’ve increased focus on core activities by 18%.”  CIO, Insurance Industry

“Integrated pictures beat the piecemeal reports I was getting.”  CIO, Healthcare Industry

“Pictures about management oversight shortfalls in IT activities was very surprising and helpful.”  CIO, Manufacturing

“Pictures about what everyone was doing helped bring everyone together to address weaknesses.”  CIO, Banking Industry

Teamwork concept
Conceptual image of business team working cohesively. Interaction and unity

We trust that you’ll find the information provided in this site of benefit and value.


George Florit, Managing Partner


To win, IT can’t practice.  Performa-Analytics™ 

provides the insights to do so.

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