Blindsided – What IT Mgmt Cannot See

What IT Management Cannot See

IT people are the pivotal resource between achieving success or realizing something considerably less.

Achieving optimal people performance is difficult. IT operates in a dynamic work environment that is subject to frequent change — Change that adversely impacts the effectiveness associated with the use of people related resources.

Existing management tools to help optimize the use of people activities, skills, time and management oversight applied to work provides little to no visibility and insights.

On average, 34% of total IT staff report time expenditures via Project Management Systems (PMS). However:

  • Criteria used for the capture of time expended within PMS varies by silos and individual managers.
  • Most time expended by staff is captured and reported by milestones related to projects and not specific activities.
  • On average, 21% of all available staff time is not captured by PMS.
  • Within PMS, time expended on management oversight (review and approval of activities) is not captured and reported in over 89% of all staff activities and related time expenditures.
  • Due to the disparity of time capture and reporting criteria within PMS, integrated pictures about the use of people related resources is almost impossible to produce.

Approximately 64% of all non-PMS staff do not report individual activities and related time expenditures. Management oversight of activities is not captured and reported as well. Instead, staff reports attendance and/or total daily or weekly hours spent on the job.

PMS is a useful tool but its focus is tracking projects and milestones and not tracking and analyzing people activities, time expenditures and related management oversight.

In short, existing management tools primarily focus on visible projects, their milestones and the daily/weekly attendance of staff members. However, in terms of ensuring the optimal use of people related resources, IT management is mostly in the dark. Hidden are substantial details related to people activities, time and skills expenditure and management oversight being applied.

The significant absence of management oversight of staff activities and time expenditures in practically all areas of IT is noteworthy.

Management oversight is the action relied upon for ensuring that the highest and best use of IT people activities, skills and time expenditures is realized. Lack of effective management oversight exposes the IT organization to considerable risk and substantial performance shortfalls.

To eliminate blindsides, the senior IT executive should consider reviewing existing management tools and where necessary, enhance processes to ensure IT activities, time expenditures and management oversight is captured and reported across all disciplines in the IT organization.

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