What You Don’t Know In IT

IT people are the pivotal resources between achieving success or realizing something considerably less.it's complicated d

However, to achieve optimal use of people resources, thousands of individual and interlocking components consisting of people, activities, skills, time, processes, costs and management oversight must be effectively deployed and managed.  As IT management will attest, achieving optimal use of people resources on a consistent basis is not an easy task — it’s complicated.

Unfortunately, management tools that can provide insights to accomplish this objective are often lacking:

  • Silo focused, using inconsistent and limited criteria.
  • Zero integrated pictures about the use of people related resources across all silos.
  • Primarily focused on the past instead of current and future direction.

This lack of comprehensive awareness and visibility into the use and interaction of all people related resources exposes the IT organization to substantial performance difficulties and shortfalls.

As an examination of several past IT performance issues reveals, failures can often be traced to people related issues.  Management’s lack of awareness and visibility has hindered its ability to be proactive and prevent performance problems from occurring.  What’s unknown cannot be effectively addressed.

A management tool that can provide periodic insights that help ensure people resources are being optimized should at a minimum include alignments and/or misalignments between plans and actual of the following:

  • People activities, time and skills expenditures and management oversight being applied to work.
  • Titled position activities and skills expenditures.
  • Management oversight responsibilities and titled positions.
  • Interaction between organizational units and key position titles.
  • Adherence to key work processes by organizational units and position titles.

To ensure that current people resources are being optimized, management should examine existing tools for analyzing the use of people resources, and if appropriate, identify other tools and methods that can expand and heighten management’s awareness about the effective use of this important and critical IT resource.

In summary, the more you know about the use and performance of staff resources, the greater the probability of achieving optimal effectiveness and economy.