Look Beyond Your Industry When Benchmarking for Success (Article)

Article by Entrepreneur, Aviva Leebow Wolmer, Guest Writer, CEO of Pacesetter

Look Beyond Your Industry When Benchmarking for Success

This article by Ms. Wolmer is right on!

Our assessments over the years of IT organizations in different industries highlighted the significant variances in IT people resource expenditures in key areas including:  Core vs. Non-Core activities; different Position Titles participating in the Management Oversight of work, as well as the amount of management time spent; the level of participation and interaction between IT organizational units in important work procedures including data security, etc.

The lack of an effective appraisal of “self” has often caused IT organizations to unintentionally “institutionalize” practices that guarantee a less than optimal performance.  Learning how others do things enriches the self-examination process.  It provides confirmation of good practices and uncovers potential shortfalls that might need addressing.