Management Oversight Comments



By George Florit, Managing Partner, Michael-Delia Inc.

In a recent article I published regarding Management Oversight, “Least Monitored and Measured IT Activity,” I received the comments listed below.

There is consensus that Management Oversight in IT is a key issue. Hopefully, these comments are of assistance as you reflect and address this topic in your organization.


  • A key issue – Getting attention and action on the issue is critical as IT organizations move ahead.
  • Focus needed — Additional areas of focus include critical areas: What IT does, the outcomes, having the best qualified people, effective organizational interaction and proper tools/processes.

Bruce J. Rogow of IT Odyssey and Advisory added the following to this topic from his visits with executives:

“This has to be taken in the context that IT is changing dramatically. There are at least three separate and very different domains for the critical areas you mentioned:

  • The current legacy — Classical IT environment that runs the business day-to-day.
  • The evolving digital world — Applications, services, hosting and technologies now available.
  • The transition — Balance and migration to the newer digital world.Management Oversight must be done on each of these 3 domains.”


  • Speed and agility is king – Oversight is seen as “slowing down” the ability to do things quickly.
  • Skeleton crews – Firms have downsized to the point of operating with skeleton crews and no one is available to do effective oversight.
  • Outsourcing – Firms don’t have experienced people left to do oversight of work except perhaps monitoring the terms and conditions of the outsourcing agreement.
  • A lack of talent – Experienced staff have retired or moved on and the current staff lack the experience to provide effective management oversight of work.
  • Lack of funding – Budgetary constraints have severely restrained the hiring or retention of qualified staff to perform effective management oversight.
  • Half loaf mentality – “A penny wise and pound foolish” mentality when addressing management oversight.
  • Today’s focus – It may be shortsighted but oversight is most focused on compliance, regulatory rules and security.


Non-Titled Managers – It’s acceptable to use them, they just must be qualified.