Performa-Analytics™ Summary

Heads, Gears et al

IT people want to do the best job possible and welcome information and tools that can help them accomplish this objective.  Performa-Analytics™ is a software-based IT management tool that fulfills this objective.  The system provide insights into the effectiveness associated with the use of IT people related resources.

Confirmed is the on-target use of staff activities, time and skills expenditures and management oversight being applied to work efforts.  Uncovered are performance weaknesses and shortfalls.

Performa-Analytics™ is a diagnostic system that analyzes the adequacy, sufficiency and effectiveness associated with the utilization of IT people.

Information and insights created by the system empower managers and staff with direction and guidance for optimizing individual effectiveness and organizational performance and productivity.

Based on a client’s priorities, factors assessed can include:

  1. Alignment and/or misalignment between management plans for the utilization of staff resources and IT people actual current and near-term activities, time and skills expenditures and management oversight of work.
  2. The organization’s current core and non-core source expenditure profile.
  3. Activities receiving on-target, excessive and/or insufficient time expenditure.
  4. Work efforts receiving excessive and/or insufficient management oversight.
  5. Positions and related skills that are being underutilized.
  6. Positions lacking skills to effectively accomplish selected work efforts and activities.
  7. Insufficient staff resources to accomplish defined plans and activities.
  8. Workflow processes not being effectively adhered to.
  9. The level of effective interaction between organizational units.
  10. Benchmarking the organization’s current performance profile against other IT organizations.

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